More data will appear in Google Ads for analysis on the "Statistics" page

AffExperts Team
Nov 22, 2021
More data will appear in Google Ads for analysis on the "Statistics" page

Google Ads announced 4 new features on the Statistics page. These include demand forecast, audience insights, consumer interest insights, change history insights, and auction insights.

The updated features will launch in beta globally in the coming weeks - at the campaign and account level.

Demand forecast

With the demand forecast, advertisers can see future trends in their line of business. Data based on which it is possible to predict an increase in interest in certain goods and services over the next 180 days are used to create such statistics.

Audience statistics

Audience statistics can help advertisers better understand their customers through the unique characteristics, interests, and behavior of user groups that see their ads and convert.

Google Ads will highlight the top Google audience segments that have been targeted and perform well.

Advertisers will be able to learn more about the different audience segments that make up conversions, what percentage they are, and how well they are compared to the target audience.

Categories of consumer interests

This section will help advertisers understand how their customers search and interact with their business on Google.

To do this, the system analyzes search queries for which ads have appeared in the last 56 days, grouping them by topic and subtopic in order to provide KPIs for each of them.

Auction statistics and change history statistics

You can use this feature to understand better how changes in auction competition or account changes affect performance.