Google Ads added new features for customization

AffExperts Team
Jul 20, 2022
Google Ads added new features for customization

Google Ads has introduced several new features for Performance Max campaigns: Optimization Score, Seasonal Adjustment, Data Exclusions, Interpretations, and Advanced Geotargeting. As reported in the Google Ads help, almost all of them are available in existing advertising accounts already.

The Optimization Score works the same way for Performance Max campaigns as for other Google ads. It indicates how well your setup is doing and provides recommendations for your score. Going forward, the Google Ads team plans to expand the set of recommendations for Performance Max.

Seasonal adjustments will be useful for promotions and deals: if to warn algorithms about the changes expected in demand, AI will operate more efficiently. Typical seasonal fluctuations are considered in smart bidding.

The Google Ads team recommends adjusting bids for periods ranging from 1 to 7 days.

Learn more about seasonal adjustment

Data exclusions let you tell the algorithms which dates to ignore for optimization purposes. This is useful when there are issues with your campaign that affect your results, such as a website not performing well or a conversion tracking tag misconfigured.

Advanced geotargeting settings let you permit or stop ads from being exhibited to the user, considering:

  • the place where he is most likely to be or which he visits usually;
  • places he is interested in.

Interpretations are explications from Google Ads that determine the factors that affect the performance of an ad.

Interpretations for Performance Max campaigns with a product feed will also include statistics on the prevalent products/services and their categories and shifts in their popularity.

Interpretations will be available in several weeks.