Google is testing a new design for highlighted descriptions

AffExperts Team
Jun 28, 2022
Google is testing a new design for highlighted descriptions

Google is testing a new design for featured snippets. The new layout contains multiple responses from multiple sources/sites arranged as cards at the top of the search results page.

SEO specialist William Alvarez shared a screenshot of the test issue on Twitter. SEO consultant Brody Clark noticed a similar design in the issue a few months ago.

Experts believe that demonstrating two or more highlighted descriptions can reduce the value of that very “zero position” for sites and negatively affect CTR and conversions from Google search.

Recall that on June 9, Google completed the deployment of the May update of the main ranking algorithm. According to famous SEO specialists, this was one of the most significant updates in recent times, much more serious than all those that had to be dealt with in 2021. Many of them call it the featured snippets update since the update had a very strong impact on featured snippets - a large number of sites stopped showing in response blocks during the deployment of the algorithm update, losing 100% of their featured snippets.

We also note that recently Google has been actively testing new options for the design of blocks on the issuance page. So, earlier, we noticed a test of the new design of the local issuance block with the card hidden in the drop-down list on the "Location" tab.