AppMetrica Starts Supporting Facebook Traffic Attribution

AffExperts Team
Nov 16, 2021
AppMetrica Starts Supporting Facebook Traffic Attribution

AppMetrica has started supporting Facebook traffic attribution for Android devices. Detailed statistics on it will be available in the User Acquisition report. The new solution will allow you to track installs with detail before an advertisement without additional spending on a tracker.

Anonymized data transmitted by Facebook Ads are available at the user level. This allows you to analyze ad performance using install source segmentation in AppMetrica reports.

The new feature will allow:

  • Estimate income from in-app and e-com purchases
  • Analyze LTV and ad performance by highlighting user cohorts
  • Monitor the retention of new users in the Retention report
  • Study in funnels how users who come from Facebook ads are onboarding, registering, and performing other targeted actions
  • Export detailed data on installations without restrictions on volume and period.

Facebook Ads transfers data to Google Install Referrer in encrypted form. The decryption key is available in the account for app owners - Facebook for Developers.

To configure install attribution for Android devices, you need to create a new Facebook tracker in AppMetrica and insert an Install Referrer Decryption Key into it. You can read more about setting up in the instructions.

After that, tracking of installations from Facebook for all Android devices will become available in the User Acquisition report and AppMetrica product cuts when segmenting users by advertising source.